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Sherry's Bio:

With over 33 years of experience teaching and performing worldwide,  Sherry Peavy still loves what she does.  She has performed in various places around the world including Asia, Europe, the  South Pacific and nationwide.  One of her highlights was performing at the Westminster Abbey.  She now plays for weddings, churches and special occasions.  She is also the in-house performer at the Arden Hills Country Club.  

Sherry has started four schools of music including one in Singapore, Fiji, Southern California and Sacramento.  Her strengths include classical, jazz and praise & worship music.  She loves to customize her teaching to the learning style of her students to bring the best possible results for each one.   Sherry holds two recitals a year at Sun River Church in Fair Oaks, California.

                                                 Here are what some students have to say about her:

 I love taking piano from Sherry.  She is kind, patient and very encouraging.  Sherry works with me on each piece of music until I master it.                      Connie Johnson     Advanced Student                   Cameron Park, CA .  

Sherry Peavy is a wonderful teacher. She has taught me to play by note, and to play by ear.  She has encouraged me so much to play the piano. Because of her I am playing in our church worship services and in our youth band. When it is hard for me to learn something she takes the time and makes sure I understand what I am doing. I appreciate everything she does and I am blessed to have her as a teacher.

                                    Hannah Freeman         Daughter of music Pastor at New Life                         Fair Oaks, Ca.

Sherry is an upbeat, positive teacher that moves student consistently forward at their level and pace.  Her knowledge and enthusiasm inspires her students to learn and love music.

                                    Cybelle Lee                                  Homeschool Mom of Horizons students 

I really enjoy taking lessons from Mrs. Peavy.  She encourages me and is very patient.  She  has helped me learn how to jazz up a song and how to sight read.   When I first started with her I felt like quitting because of  a previous teacher, but she changed my mind.  I am really glad that Mrs. Peavy is my teacher.                          

                                                   Sarah Bourg      Music Major Hopeful       El Dorado Hills, Ca.
When I first started piano lessons with Ms. Peavy,  I was about ready to quit the piano altogether.  I have had other piano teachers in the past, but although they were great teachers, I struggled understanding their teaching style.  I was really frustrated with all those black dots called notes on the music page, and none of my previous teachers really helped me grasp the concept of notes. I was on the verge of giving up, until Ms. Peavy stepped in and actually started to show me a whole different way of learning the piano in a way that fit my learning style.  She  taught me according to my learning style and completely opened my understanding of the piano, helping me learn how to play by note and by ear.   Ms. Peavy led me to believe in myself and has always been there to help me in my music.   She is, without a shadow of a doubt,  the best piano teacher I know!  And since I've had her amazing teaching for five years, I think it's safe for me to say that she will go to great lengths to make sure that her students grasp and understand the instrument they are mastering. Through her teaching, I have come to play piano pieces that I never imagined I could before.  As a result of all this, I truly believe that it is because of Ms.Peavy that I even play an instrument and have come as far as I have with the piano.   Thanks so much Ms. Peavy for helping me believe in myself and realize my full potential.    A very grateful pianist,
                                                                   Bethany Diaz             Horizons student

Sherry is a jewel of a piano teacher:  gifted, warm, encouraging, and enthusiastic.  She leads you to accomplishments you did not believe yourself capable of achieving.  I thank my lucky stars I found her.
                                                                   David Stout           Bodega Bay



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